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eSurveys is the smartest way for mobile surveyors to capture, organise and upload survey data and photos in an easy to use way. eSurveys is a free app for Apple iPads which has been developed for professional surveyors to use on site, with full customisation options, easy note and photo capturing functionality, and a hassle-free way of sending data back too the office. Please contact Rand Associates for information, or to request a demo.

Key Features include:

  • Collection of Stock Condition and RdSAP Energy surveys
  • Multiple projects and configurations on a single device
  • Change project or surveyor on the fly
  • Multiple configurable survey designs
  • Auto-completion of survey items
  • Fully customisable survey walk order
  • Completed survey form duplication
  • Mandatory components/photos
  • Survey form indexing for quickly locating form sections
  • Form validation
  • Comprehensive address search, with status filters
  • Adding new addresses with associated survey designs
  • Photo capture of survey components
  • Import and export project data and photos via Dropbox
  • Export project database and log file to Dropbox for further integration

Click the images below to see larger versions.