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" Their customer services skills are excellent. "


About the client

Organisation Name: Denbighshire County Council

Type Of Organisation: Local Authority

Size of Organisation: Approx 3,500 properties

Contact Name: Glyn Forsdick

Contact's Position within Organisation: Senior Officer, Asset Management

About the project

Type of Work
Stock Condition Survey & additional work

Period Of Contract
June 2012 - Ongoing

Summary of Contract
Rand Associates were commissioned by Denbighshire County Council to undertake a condition survey of 15% of its stock (518 properties).
This was to assess the condition, existing and future liabilities of the stock.
During the undertaking the Council wished to include surveys and assessments of the relevant buildings within its stock in relation to;

  • Asbestos Management (common areas)
  • Fire Risk Assessments (common areas)
  • DDA Compliance (sheltered schemes)

Information derived from the survey was used by the Council for the preparation of detailed planned maintenance plans and programmes.  These were required to inform business planning decisions, as well as to facilitate effective, easily up-dateable maintenance management systems.
The survey covered the existing Council housing stock together with related housing assets, including leasehold interests.
In summary the key stages were:

  • Impressionistic Study;
  • Desk Top Study;
  • Sample Frame Selection;
  • Survey Form Design;
  • Pilot Survey/trial data transfer;
  • Sample Survey;
  • Associated Activities;
  • Reporting.

All surveyors who carried out the survey work were P402 qualified for the asbestos surveys all to be in accordance with the HSG264 guidelines and were qualified and competent to undertake Fire Risk Assessments using PAS 79:2007 Fire Risk Assessment Guidance.
All risk assessments were reviewed for the following reason:

  • Changes to work activities including the introduction of new equipment (e.g. computer equipment);
  • A change of use to part of the premises;
  • Alterations to the building, including the internal layout;
  • Substantial changes to furniture and fixings;
  • The introduction, change of use or increase in the storage of hazardous substances;
  • The failure of fire precautions, e.g. fire-detection and alarm systems, sprinklers or ventilation systems;
  • Significant changes to display material;
  • A significant increase in people present; and the presence of disabled people.

Feed back from client
Denbighshire County Council are in the process of re-structuring their asset management functions. This includes the information management aspect (stock condition data).

Rand Associates have been commissioned to aid in the implementation of the new systems. Rand’s work has focussed on formulating the stock condition survey configuration and the preparations for the proposed switch to the Keystone Asset Management System.

Rand have analysed and utilised existing information in this process and advised on the aspects of units of measure, lifecycles and rates appropriate to Denbighshire’s stock and procurement patterns. In addition Rand have undertaken Fire Risk Assessments and auditing of Asbestos information with the aim of identifying locations that require additional survey work to provide a complete dataset in respect of Asbestos.

We are still working with Rand and the maintenance forecasts they are able to provide us with will be key in both our reporting obligations to The Welsh Government and in our strategies to maintain and improve our stock.

Rand have completed their work for Denbighshire in a professional & organised manner and have kept the authority updated at key milestones of the project.

Their customer services skills are excellent and we have been particularly impressed with the company’s method of programming surveys and their clear lines of communication.